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The HANSON International Advanced Driving Schools are for any licensed driver who wants to improve their driving skills, knowledge, and vehicular control. We offer quality classroom and one-on-one in-car instruction. Our schools are one (1) day in duration and are held at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Driver Development Centre. They run from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. We do not supply vehicles.

To participate in our schools, you must provide a valid driver's license and a car/motorcycle helmet in good condition. We require your vehicle's brake fluid be changed within a month prior to our schools, and your tires to be in good working order with sufficient tread to operate safely for the duration of our school.

All students must pre-register. We will not accept non-pre-registered drivers on the day of the schools.

To apply for a HANSON International Advanced Driving School, click on the applicable tab(s) (i.e. Drivers' Registration Form) and save the fillable PDF(s) to your computer. Complete Parts 1&2 of the Driver Registration Form, the applicable Drivers' Release Waiver(s), and sign all the Forms. These Forms accept Electronic Signatures . After completing the Forms please save the PDF to your computer and then email it to: hansoninternational@bell.net

If you do not have an Electronic Signature an original ink signature is required. Print the Form, sign it, and then Email (PDF), Fax, mail, or courier it along with the corresponding payment option to the HANSON International Advanced Driving School.

Students are accepted on a first come – first serve basis … space is limited.

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2508 Boros Road, Burlington, Ontario, Canada. L7M 4T2


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The HANSON International Advanced Driving School puts you on the track, with experienced instructors who share your passion for a unique driving experience.