HANSON International Advanced Driving School


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Your car must have the brake fluid changed before our schools. Your vehicle's brake fluid should be changed within a month prior to the school. Bear in mind that professional race teams may flush their brake fluid before every race. Old brake fluid may result in decreased braking efficiency.
The onus is on you to make sure that your brakes are in perfect working order. Your car must be fit to go on the track. Take it to a mechanic, tell the mechanic what you're going to do and ask the mechanic to check the suspension, brakes and tires to make sure they will hold up. You don't want a nasty surprise at the track. We do not have a checklist for completion by your mechanic — the onus is on you!
You should arrive with your car’s fuel tank full.
Your tire pressure should be increased approximately 5 psi per tire above the normal car manufacturer rating.
The wheel nuts or bolts for each wheel need to be properly torqued. If your car has hub caps, remove them. Remove any items from inside the car and truck area.
Long pants are required during your track sessions; shorts, skirts, and dresses are not permitted. Full shoes (i.e. not sandals) and socks are required. You may wear short sleeve shirts … Driving or racing suits are not required but may be worn if desired. The school proceeds regardless of the weather. During our Spring and Fall schools, may we suggest you pack extra layers of clothes...
Your guests, be they friends, kids, family members, co-workers, are welcome to come and spectate but they have to sign the waivers too. Persons under 16 years of age will need to be accompanied and signed in by a guardian.
Your vehicle must be roadworthy and safe. It must not be leaking fluids, particularly oil or coolant. The tires must be in good shape. We require that your brake fluid be fresh and if not then it must be changed or bled. While we do not require supporting documentation from a mechanic or dealer, this may have your car
inspected or put through further safety checks.
We mandate classroom sessions and safety meetings. This is how we communicate to you. This is where we discuss safety issues, flag colours and their meaning, etc. In our classroom sessions, car control is emphasized in all levels.
When a driver and instructor take to the track, helmets are required. They must be secured with the chin strap. We require that you bring a helmet for your on-track sessions. The helmet should be in good condition. It must be a DOT approved car or motorcycle helmet. If you do not own a helmet the HANSON International Advanced Driving School has helmets for rent; Contact the school organizerfor details. If you anticipate taking several schools, you should seriously consider buying a new helmet for yourself.
The HANSON International Advanced Driving School does not teach racing. We are not a racing school. We do not condone "racing" behavior.
Arrive on time !!
Gates open at 7:00 am, for registration and tech inspection.
General Drivers ' Meeting for all participants at 8:30 am.
Classes/track time start at 9:00 am.
The track closes at 5:00 pm.
Registration is open at 7:00 am. The first thing to do when you arrive at the track (before you begin unpacking your car and socializing with your neighbour) is proceed to the Event Centre and Register!
Your first meeting is at 8:30 am. We strongly recommend that you arrive at the track on time. If you arrive early, you'll have lots of time to get settled, prepare yourself and your car, find the washrooms, enjoy a refreshment and snack, and relax. Earlier the better. Do not arrive after 8:00 am! You'll be panicked, scrambling, frustrated, and anxious. You'll miss the general and safety meetings. And we'll harp on you! Worse, if you miss the general & safety meetings you will have to sit out your first on-track session while the Chief Instructor reiterates the minutes of the “meeting” to you.
There are a number of things you should do a day before or the morning of:
Get a good night's sleep
Review your “check list”
Empty the car of all unnecessary items, leave 'em at home
Pack items needed for the track
Bring lots of drinking water
Pack clothes for all weather conditions
Clean the inside of the car windows
Print and complete the HANSON International Advanced Driving School “Drivers’ Release of Liability Waiver” and
Put it in the car
Print the directions and put them in the car
Fill up with gas. It is wise to fill up again at one of the gas stations you’ll pass in Bowmanville (if coming from Hwy
401) or Brooklin (if coming from Hwy 407).
Add air to your tires; in fact, add an additional 5 pounds per tire